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In today’s social media world, it is not hard to see how the masses regurgitate portions and slices of this vibrant culture, while mislabeling it in the process.

Hip Hop is of and by Black/LatinX New Yorkers and is alive and well. Being multilayered and incredibly nuanced, it cannot be taught at any capacity without addressing social dynamics, race, economics and the american (in)justice system.


Hip Hop is more than my culture, it is my name, which I represent with pride.  I make it my priority to bring history and integrity to those that are willing to learn.

I have been blessed to be raised in NYC and still share experiences with Graffiti pioneers, Breakin' icons, legendary DJ's and giant MC's, allowing me to learn first hand what this culture is about.

From the club scene, to performing internationally as a dancer and choreographer, I am fortunate to have so much to share. 
As a Graffiti Writer and Muralist I have seen how the visual aspect have transcended into all media. Being a 2nd generation member of the world renowned TATS cru, true graffiti legends, world Mural Kings and my mentors, my roots play a significant role in how I artistically express what this culture means and the content of what I teach in class.

My courses and workshops cover many aspects surrounding (NY Style) Hip Hop Dance, Graffiti, Style, Emotion and its Sociopolitical backdrop.  

No student will be asked or expected to master any of these elements and/or styles.  This is a field that requires the same amount of time, energy and dedication as any other genres that have been accepted as 'fine art" by white european standards. Even though Hip Hop still falls behind in credibility, it is arguably one of the largest Art movement in history. Full stop.

One main goal is to shed light on this misunderstood, vilified, raw, yet beautiful Black American Art form.
Students are only asked to show respect and be willing to participate when and if they feel comfortable.













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